Crematory Processes and Procedures

Private cremations: We use a segregated hearth furnace. One animal will be cremated in a private furnace chamber at a time.  The ashes will be packaged as requested and returned to the owner.

General cremation: The ashes are not returned to the owner.  Multiple animals may be cremated together and the ashes  spread onto private land.   The cost of general cremation is lower than private cremation.

We have 4 cremation furnaces and can handle animals up to 2400lbs.  We also bury large and small animals on clients sites, providing the legal requirements can been met. (Please see the Regulation).

We carry cremation jewelry, wood & metal urns, at reasonable prices .  The ashes of very large animals may be packaged in custom urn if you desire to buy one.  Custom urns take extra time to complete.

We do not cremate synthetic materials.  Please keep this in mind if you bring a pet bed, blanket or large toy, they cannot be cremated with the pet unless they are of natural fiber or very small.