Atim Creek Pet Crematory does not euthanize pets.

Animal euthanasia (from the Greek meaning “good death”) is the act of putting an animal to death, painlessly and as distress free as possible.  In most cases this is by medical means.

When we take on the roll of being a pet owner, we also take on the responsibility for care and control of the pet’s life, and in many cases it’s death.  As harsh and as hard as it may be, in some cases our pets deserve euthanasia.  Yes, it’s not natural.  No, the pet didn’t ask for it’s life to end, but neither did the pet ask to suffer and die from malnutrition or rot from the inside out.  There is a time to take the responsibility to act in the best interest of our animal companions.  If and when the time comes to you, remember, there are many who have faced the same decision your now have to make.  Non of us envy you, but we do understand when the decision must be made when it is made for the right reasons. Every rose has a thorn.

I too was one of those decision makers. It was the hardest thing to do.  My dog had been by my side for every walk for close to 10 years.  She became tumorous and sick. She lost balance and muscle control until she could barely stand.  Her moans and yelps of pain where too much to bear.  The last thing she knew was my loving hand stroking her big soft head. I miss her so much.  She is buried here on our property.  I wasn’t sure if I could ever walk without her beside me.  As the old saying goes  “time heals wounds” but there is a constant want to have her by my side again.  I don’t think that want will ever go away.

There are good resources for people who have to “make the decision”.  Don’t hold back on getting counselling.  No one is so tough, that it doesn’t effect them.  I have seen the biggest toughest biker dude break down in tears when I gave him back the cremains of his dog.

If you find yourself unable to deal with the stresses of making the decision, then trust your veterinarian.  Consider that they became veterinarians because of a love for, and a compassion to help all animals.

Animals can’t speak for themselves so we put our selves in a position to speak for them.  If they could speak I wonder if they would say “I’d do it for you”.  It is probably true that in the same situation we would appreciate a merciful end.      

No one can know the love of a pet, who has never loved a pet.  There is no more of a selfless act of love than to end undue pain and suffering with an order given that will hurt you more than it hurts your animal companion. 

At the end of the day, you are the one that makes the call between suffering and mercy.  Bless you, either way.

Let me be the one that holds a piece of your heart forever.

Let me be at peace with no pain.

Let me be the rustle of the leaves.

Let me be the swaying of the grass in a breeze.

Let me be the flash of the lightning in a storm.

Let me be the glittering frost on a fall day,

Let me be the warmth of the sun.

Let me be refreshing drops of rain on your face in a summer rain.

Let me be the one whose memories bring a smile to your face.

Let me go now on my journey to the other side.

Let me go and prepare to receive you to your own reward.

Let me go now to my destiny.

Let your tears subside.

Don’t cry because it’s over, Smile because it happened

Feel my presence.  I will forever be as near as you allow.