Cremation Rates

Call or text before coming out to drop off.  780-915-9187

We are open for drop offs, 7 days a week and holidays.

If we are not available right when you call, we will give you a time when we will be available. 

Fuel prices dropped. Covid 19 damaged our economy.  Be safe, Be healthy. 

We lowered our prices to help you out.


Private Cremation

<2lb      $80   Includes a TP100 Rosewood urn. 

>2lb      $100 + $.50/Lb    (Min $125)

General Cremation      $.75/lb    (Min. $20-Max. $100)

Expedited / Witness loading      +$125

Pickup       $1./km out and back   (Min. $50)



Livestock                        Min. $200 private or general

Private                             $.90/LB.   

General Cremation     $.75/LB.      

Burial (seasonal)         $450 + Mileage

Mileage                            $1.25 / km out and back (Min $150)

Full deposit required.