Pet Urns And Paw Prints


The basic private cremation package is without an urn, the ashes are packaged in a plastic bag then into a cloth pouch. For large animals the cremains will be in a box, or as required.  This is referred to as a “scatter package”. We can arrange for custom equine urns.

The urn capacity required is / lb. of weight of the live animal. This will very, but is a good rule of thumb.

Please Note: Pet Urns are sealed unless we are otherwise instructed.  
An engraved name plate is included with the urns.

Rosewood Urns ..TP110
12 (10lb.) $30  
30 (25lb.)$40  
85 (80lb.) $80 (180lb.)$100  
B021 Birch UrnBirch Urn
B021-S      $65
B021-L   $85

 Garden Rock Urns in black or sandstone
Small (30lb)          $90
Medium      $110    
Large     $130
XL (160lb.)          $160


IMG_0035 (2)Rosewood Smooth Picture urn TP124

40lb.      $65  
70lb.      $85



B014-L Oak Photo Urn

Oak Picture Urn B014-S or L      $65      $85



B010 Black Frame Photo Urn

Picture Frame Urn  B010

5×7″    $95

8×10    $105


B006 Chery Photo Urn

Cherry Picture Urn B006

100   $65




Custom Oak Laser Engraved

120cu in       $295



Brass on Black urn  2512

(30lb)           $90
(100lb)        $120



2832-lClassic Pewter Urns  2832

4/5 ”   (25lb)  $90
6″        (60lb)  $100
7″        (120lb) $120
8″       (170lb) $140 
10″     (250lb) $190
2837 Classic Slate,PewterClassic Slate 2837 
4/5″    (25lb)   $90
6″        (55lb)   $100
7″        (120lb) $120
8″       (160lb) $140
17021 Classic Raku,Copper Paw
Classic Raku 17021
4/5″  (25lb)   $90
6″      (55lb)   $100
7″      (110lb) $120
8″     (160lb) $140

Odyssey Pewter Urns 2887

-25      (35lb)   $90
-70     (100lb) $120
-120   (220lb) $160


2889 Odyssey Raku,Copper Double Paw

Odyssey Raku Urn 2889

-25       (35lb)   $90
-70      (105lb)  $120
-120    (220lb)  $160



Odyssey Chestnut 2901                $90               $120  




Mother Of Pearl 2511  (Brass shown, different colors available) 
-C   30lb               $90   
-B   60lb               $100
-A   100lb             $120


IMG_0304[1]Slate Keepsake Heart                 $65




2889-H Raku Copper Double Paw

Raku Keepsake Heart                 $65




2888-H Pewter Keepsake Heart

Pewter Keepsake Heart          $65




5235-T Triste Keepsake

Brass Triste Keepsake              $45




7135K Italia Keepsake

Italia Brass Keepsake                $65




The purchase of a pet urn is entirely your decision.  We will be glad to sell you an urn .  You may buy an urn or cremation jewelry from us without any other service. You may bring your own urn.   Customers urns are handled carefully, but at customers risk.

We have other urns and jewelry in stock as well. If you want something other than what you see here, we may have it, or we can get it for you.


Our latest addition to the commemorative products is a full size framed paw casting.  This is not a stamp produced print, it is a real cast print from your pet.



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